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Listed on this page are backpacker hostels and budget accommodation found in Tokyo Japan, cheap, affordable accommodation, prices for hotels under US$100 per night:

Khaosan Tokyo Original Guesthouse Hostel

2-1-5 Kaminarimon Taito-ku Tokyo Ph: 03 3842 8286. Located 1 minutes walk from Asakusa train station. Probably the cheapest hostel/hotel in Tokyo. 8 bed dormitory prices female dorm 2000 Yen per bed (around US$25 per night)

4 bed dormitory prices mixed dorm 2200 Yen

Twin private room 5000 Yen.Prices include tax and linen


Khaosan Tokyo Samurai Hostel

1-18-3 Higashi-Komagata Sumida-ku Tokyo Ph: 03 6658 8106. 5 minutes walk from Asakusa train station. Dormitory bed mixed room 2500 Yen per night. Single room 3500 Yen per night

Twin private room 6000 Yen per night. Quad room 10,000 Yen per night.Prices include tax and linen.


Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou

2-16-12 Nishi-Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo Ph: 03 3844 5618. Traditional Japanese style hotel

Dormitory beds 2600 Yen per night. Single rooms from 4500 Yen per night. Double rooms from 6600 Yen per night. Accept Visa and Mastercard. Free computers with internet access. Free WiFi internet access.

Sakura Hostel 2-24-2 Asakusa Taito-Ku Tokyo Ph: +81 3 3847 8111. Located close to the famous Sensoji Temple in Asakusa Tokyo. Dormitory beds from 2,940 Yen per night. 1 week stay from 17,000 Yen, 2 weeks stay from 30,000 Yen.

Toyoko Inn 2-20-15 Kabuki-cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Ph: 03-5155 1045. 12 minutes walk fromm the JR Shinjuku Train Station. Single rooms from 6510 Yen per night, Double rooms from 9240 Yen per night. WiFi internet available in the lobby.

Hotel Wing International 1-21-7 Kabuki-cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Ph: 03-3200 0122. 6 minutes walk from Shinjuku JR train station. Free internet access in room. Single room price from 7500 Yen per night +tax +service charge. 

Last updated 5th June 2014

Smile Hotel Asakusa (reviews) 6-35-8 Askusa Taito-ku Tokyo Ph: 5824 5533. Smile Hotel is a 2.5 star budget hotel located 10 minutes walk from Asakusa Train Station and Sensoji Temple. Room prices start from US$59 per night. For more photos and hotel reviews for Smile Hotel Asakusa click here.

Smile Hotel Asakusa Tokyo budget hotel


Taito Ryokan a traditional Japanese Style hotel. 2-1-4 Nishi-Asakusa (west Asakusa) Taito-ku Tokyo Ph: 03 3843 2822. Single prices from 3000 Yen per night single person may be asked to share a room in peak tourist seasons.Double room prices from 6000 Yen per night. Triple room prices 9000 Yen per night.


Hotel Kaminarimon

1-18-2 Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo Ph: 03 3844 1873. Traditional Japanese style hotel rooms. Single room prices from Y5900 without bathroom (around US$74 per night). Single room prices from 7900 Yen with bathroom. Double room prices from 11,000 Yen without bathroom. Double room prices from 14,000 Yen with bathroom. Triple room prices from 18,000 Yen per night. Prices including tax.


Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa

A traditional Japanese style hotel located close to Sensoji Temple and Nakamise Street. Single rooms prices from 6300 Yen per night without bathroom. Single room prices from 9500 Yen per night with bathroom. Double room prices from 12,000 Yen per night without bathroom.

Double room prices from 15,000 Yen per night with bathroom.


Hotel Keihan Asakusa

2-12-4 Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo

Ph: 03-5830 0321. Close to Asakusa station.

Single room prices from 6400 Yen with single bed, bath, toilet and internet access. Double room prices from 7800 Yen.

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya just 2 train stations away from Shinjuku. Single rooms from Y6930 (US$83) per night. Double rooms from Y9000 (US$108) per night. 24 hour cafe. Free breakfast included with room prices.

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro 5 minutes away from JR Ikebukuro station. Single rooms from Y6800 (approx US$82) per night. Double rooms from Y9000 (US$108) per night. Free WiFi internet access in the lobby. Free breakfast included with room prices







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