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Kabukicho is the entertainment and red-light district, part of Shinjuku Tokyo. Located on the eastern side of Shinjuku Train Station it is a large area with hundreds of restaurants, bars, nightclubs as well as massage parlours and hostess bars.

Although Kabukicho is one of the largest red-light districts in Japan it is a safe area attracting many tourists to it's vibrant nightlife. The streets are filled with neon lights. Kabukicho consists of around 5 blocks on the other side of Yasukuni Dori Avenue.

Kabukicho Tokyo


Check out our Kabuki-cho video gallery

Restaurants in Kabukicho

See a full list of restaurants in Kabukicho


Don-Don Yakiniku Restaurant (1 review) Shimomura Bldg 1F 1-23-13 Kabukicho Shinjuku 160-0021 Tokyo Ph: 03-5155 3580. Open . For restaurant reviews for Don-Don Yakinuku Restaurant click here.


Mott's Bar (1 review) Level B1 1-23-15 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Ph: (03) 3209 4486. Open weekdays from 6pm - 2am, Friday 6pm - 7am, Saturday 5pm - 7am and Sunday 5pm - 11.30pm. A Yaki-Niku restaurant and Shochu Bar with over 100 types of Japanese Shochu (Spirits). Located in Kabuki-cho Shinjuku. They have the small Hibachi BBQ which sits on the bar or you table for grilling a selection of chicken, pork or beef. Each plate of meat is only 500 Yen so it is quite cheap to try a few different types. For restaurant review for Mott's Bar Yaki Niku Restaurant click here.

Mott's Bar Yaki Niku Kabuki-cho Shinjuku Tokyo


Horumon Yaki-Niku Restaurant (1 review) Kabuki-cho Shinjuku Tokyo Ph: 03-3209 4332. Open Mon - Saturday 11.30am - 5am and Sunday 11.30pm - 4am. With traditional Japanese Hibachi BBQ with carcoal. Just one block away from the Prince Hotel. For more photos, restaurant reviews and directions to the restaurant click here.

Horumon Yaki-niku Restaurant Tokyo


Hormon Yaki Niku Restaurant (1 review) Kabuki-cho Shinjuku Tokyo Ph: (03) 3203 1303. Open for dinner 7 nights a week from 11.30am - 4am. For restaurant reviews for Hormone Yaki Niku Restaurant click here.

Hormone Yaki Niku Restaurant Kabukicho Tokyo


Arabian Rock Persian Restaurant (reviews) a themed restaurant with great Arabian decor. 2-3F Square Building, 1-16-3 Kabuki-Cho, Shinjuku-ku, 160-0021 Ph: 03-5292 5512. Open everyday from 5pm - 5am. For restaurant reviews for Arabian Rock Persian Restaurant click here.

Arabian Rock Persian Restaurant Tokyo


Decameron Greek Restaurant (1 review) 21-2 Kabuki-cho Shinjuku Tokyo Ph: 03-3200 2470. Open 7 nights a week for dinner from 5pm - 11pm. For restaurant reviews and directions for Decameron Greek Restaurant click here.

Decameron Greek Restaurant Kabuki-cho Tokyo


Tonkatsu Niimura (とんかつ にいむら(1 review) 1-23-10 Kabukicho Shinjuku Tokyo Ph: 03-3200 5900. Open 7 days a week from 10.30am - 2.30am. Specialiasing in the pork (tonkatsu). There is no need for a reservation. Just walk in and take a seat. For photos, location details and restaurant reviews for Tonkatsu Niimura click here.

Tonkatsu Niimaru Katsu Restaurant Tokyo


Saamrut Thai & Vietnamese Restaurant (reviews) 1-2-19 Kabukicho Shinjuku Tokyo Ph: 03-3205 0148. Open Mon - Thurs 11.00am - 3.30am (3am last orders). Fri & Sat 11.00am - 4.30am (LO 4am). Sun 12pm - 2.30am (LO 2am). For restaurant reviews for Saamrut Thai & Vietnamese Restaurant click here.

Saamrut Thai Restaurant Tokyo


Masala Station Indian Restaurant (reviews) Kabukicho Shinjuku Tokyo Ph: 03-3207 8116. Open 7 days a week for lunch from 11am to 5pm and dinner from 5pm to 7am. For restaurant reviews for Masala Station Indian Restaurant click here.

Masala Station Indian Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo

Last updated 24th June 2015

Kabukicho Tokyo Entertainment and Red Light District

Kabukicho was named after a large Kabuki theatre which was meant to be built in this area of Tokyo in the 1940s though never was completed.


There is a large cinema complex, Tokyu Milano in Kabukicho showing latest release Hollywood movies. Tokyo Milano also has 10 pin bowling lanes within the complex. The English movies have Japanese subtitles.

Tokyu Milano Cinema Complex Kabukicho


There are a number of Japanese gaming parlours called Pachinko (sort of named after the noise the machines make). Pachinko machines are electronics amusement / gambling machines which is like a vertical pinball machine. You will see Japanese men and women staring at their machines while the ball bounces around inside.

Pachinko parlour Kabukicho

Robot Restaurant Kabukicho

One of the newest attractions in Kabukicho, opened in early 2013, is Tokyo Robot Restaurant. Tokyo Robot Restaurant is a themed restaurant with a live show featuring robots and some gorgeous Japanese dancing girls. A multi-million dollar facility which is located several levels below the streets of Kabukicho. Robot Restaurant has several shows each night costing 5,000 JPY which includes a bento box and a 1.5 hour stage show. The food is not the attraction at Robot Restaurant - it is all about the Robots. Check out more photos and details for Tokyo Robot Restuarant.

Tokyo Robot Restuarant Kabukicho
Tokyo Robot Restaurnt Kabukicho

Bars in Kabukicho

There are bars located all throughout Kabukicho. Located within the heart of Kabukicho you'll find Hub The English Pub which is the closest you'll find to a traditional English pub in Kabukicho.

Hub The English Pub Kabukicho


St James Pub and Standing Bar is a small bar located on the main street of Kabukicho just down from the arch which is the entrance into Kabukicho (next to Don Don Yaki-niku Restaurant). There are a few stools but mostly standing room. They serve pints of beer and a full selection of wines and spirits and serve traditional English style pub food like fish and chips.

St James Pub and Standing Bar Kabukicho


The Lockup is one of the more interesting themed bars / restaurants within Kabukicho. The bar has small booths where you are seated and then prison bars are closed around you. The waitresses or prison guards then take your orders and deliver your drinks and food to your prison cell. The Lockup is located at 6/7F Shinjuku Square Building 1-16-3 Kabuki-cho.


Not far from Kabukicho is Tokyo's gay nightlife scene located in Shinjuku 2-chome, just a 5 minutes walk from Kabukicho.


Shinjuku Golden Gai


Golden Gai is located just next to Kabuki-cho. Golden Gai is a a few smal lane-ways lined with one-coin bars, small bars which only fit around 6 - 8 people. There are over 200 bars in Shinjuku Golden Gai, some only allow regulars in though many welcome tourists and the bar staff will speak a bit of English, making an interesting night of drinking and chatting with the bar staff and locals. For more pictures and information about Golden Gai click here.

Shinjuku Golden Gai Bars Tokyo



Bank ATM machines in Kabuki-cho


There are only a few ATM machines in Kabuki-cho that accept foreign issued bank cards for withdrawing cash. The easiest to find is at the 7 Eleven store right at the big red arch entrance into Kabuki-cho. The ATM machine is not inside the 7 Eleven store but around the corner just underneath the arch.

There is also a Citibank branch with a number of ATMs 2 blocks away towards Shinjuku train station.


Hotels in Kabukicho



Hotel Villa Fontaine a 66 room hotel in the heart of Kabuki-cho. Free internet access and breakfast included in room price. Single room prices start from 10,000Rp per night. Double room prices start from 15,000Rp per night.


Shinjuku Prince Hotel 30-1 Kabuki-cho Tokyo Ph: 03-3205 1111. A 3 star hotel located right next to Kabuki-cho and just 5 minutes walk from Shinjuku Train Station. Double room prices starting from around 22,200 Yen.

Shinjuku Prince Hotel Kabuki-cho Tokyo




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