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Kamakura in the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan is a historical town located around 50kms south-west of Tokyo. It takes around 1 hour by train to get to Kamakura by train. Kamakura was the political centre of Japan from 1185 - 1333. During this time the first Shogun Minamato no Yoritomo ruled all of Japan from Kamakura.

There are many interesting historical buildings located around Kamakura including a number of beautiful temples and shrines. Kamakura is located close to the sea shore with a number of nice beaches so it is a very popular place for people from Tokyo to visit during the summer time.

Hasedera Great Kannon Temple


Hasadera is a temple located in Hase, 3 train stations from Kamakura. Inside the main temple at Hasadera is a large statue of the Great Kannon depicted with eleven heads.

Hasedera Great Kannon Temple Kamakura


Entrance to Hasedera Great Kannon Temple Kamakura


Hasadera Great Kannon Temple is surrouned by beautiful Japanese gardens. The temple is built on a slope. At the top of the temple grounds there are excellent views over Kamakura and the coastline of the sea.

Japanese gardens at the Great Kannon Temple Kamakura


On the grounds of Hasedera Great Kannon Temple is the Benten-kutsu caves where the monks used to enter to meditate. You can walk through the caves to see the various shrines inside.

Benten-kutsu caves Hase Kamakura


Entance to the Great Kannon Temple costs 300 Yen per person. The temple is open everyday of the year from 8am - 5.30pm (closes at 5pm during winter).

Getting to Kamakura


From Tokyo it will take around 1 hour to get to Kamakura. From Shinjuku JR Train Station get on the Shonan-Shinjuku Line from Platform 1 and take the train heading to Zushi. This train passes through Yokohama and then on to Kamakura. The train ride from Shinjuku to Kamakura will cost 890 Yen. The small train from Kamakura to Hase will cost an extra 190 Yen.

Kamakura Train to Hase and to the beach

Last updated 9th September 2014

Great Buddha in Kamakura 1 hour from Tokyo

Kotoku-in Buddhist Temple


Kotoku-in is a Buddhist Temple which is home to the Great Buddha statue. The 13.35 meter tall bronze statue of Amida Buddha is believed to be built back in 1252 after the original wooden statue was damaged by a storm in 1248. The statue was originally housed inside a temple which had been destroyed several times by storms and then a tsunami on 20th September 1498. After that the statue has been in open. The statue is hollow and tourists can pay a small fee (20 Yen) to go inside. There is not much to see inside though you can see all the joins of how the statue was built.

Kotoku-in Buddhist Temple Kamakura

Cleansing before entering the temple


The entrance fee to Kotoku-in Buddhist Temple is 200 Yen. From Kamakura train station you need to catch the small train to Hase which is only 3 stops from Kamakura and takes around 15 minutes.

Great Buddha Kamakura


The main street of Hase is lined with cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and shops selling a range of traditional sweets which come from Kamakura.


Hotels in Kamakura


There are a range of modern hotels as well as traditional Japanese Ryokan hotel. Here is a list of hotels in and close to Kamakura:



Hotel New Kamakura located close to JR Kamakura train station. Single room prices start from 5,000 Yen per night (US$64) Double room prices start from 14,000 Yen per night (US$179).


Kamakura Park Hotel all rooms in this hotel have views out to the ocean. 13 minutes walk from Hase train station. With 2 restaurants. WiFi internet access. Room prices start from 19,000 Yen per night (US$242).


Hotel Mets Kamakura Ofura located close to the JR Ofuna train station. Single room prices start from 8,500 Yen per night (US$108), Double room prices start from 14,000 Yen per night (US$179) and Triple room prices start from 15,000 Yen per night (US$192). Prices include breakfast.


Hotel Kamakura Mori website only in Japanese.


Kamakura Prince Hotel located on the shore of Shichirigahama Beach just a short train ride from Kamakura train station. Room prices start from around 65,000 Yen (US$830 per night)








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