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There are plenty of Wifi Internet access in Tokyo but the bad news it is not free. You will find Wifi hotspots everywhere though most of the access is via a subscription service. You even need to pay for service in places like McDonald's (Yahoo BB), KFC (Softbank) and Hungry Jacks.


Starbucks Free WiFi Service in Tokyo

Finally Starbucks have introduced a free WiFi service at their stores throughout Tokyo.

You will need to register to use the service at and use your userid and password to login to the service. The website is available in English and Japanese.

Once registered you connect via the “at_STARBUCKS_Wi2” at Starbucks stores. There are so many Starbucks stores all over Tokyo so this seems to be the best option for free WiFi Internet access in Tokyo. Well done Starbucks!


Most hotels have broadband internet access in the rooms though if you need to get internet access on the move then the best option is to get a WiFi device at Narita airport on arrival.

 There are a few companies that hire WiFi devices to connect to your laptop of smart phone which gives you unlimited access during your stay in Tokyo.


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Last updated 24th June 2013

Free Internet Wi-Fi Hotspots in Tokyo

Most of the free WiFi hotspots are within restaurants, cafes and bars so you have to be dining there to access the internet. Here is a list of free internet Wi-Fi spots in Tokyo:

Free Wi-Fi Internet in Shibuya

Right out the front of Shibuya Train Station, where the Hachiko Dog Statue is there is FREESPOT and FREESPOT2 Internet Wi-Fi access. It can be quite unreliable with the connection dropping regularly.

Free Wi-Fi Internet in Shinjuku

Shinjuku has a FREESPOT internet access. The signal is strongest down around the Yasakuni Dori the main street that runs alongs the eastern side of Shinjuku train station. The service is quite reliable and easy to connect to.

Wired Cafe Shinjuku Mitsukoshi

Free Internet WiFi hotspots in Roppongi

Roppongi Hills Shopping Mall now has free WiFi internet access.

Free Wi-Fi Internet in Ginza

Apple Store in the centre of Ginza, just a 1 minutes walk from the Ginza Subway train station A9 exit has free WiFi. You will see plenty of people standing out the front with non Apple products connecting to the internet.

Free Wi-Fi Internet in Harajuku

In the Harajuku area the local government has now enabled free public Wi-Fi access though it is sometimes very slow and often drops out. Look for the Omotesando WiFi network.







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