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Omoide Yokochō or Memory Lane is located on the western side of Shinjuku Station. This is a small laneway lined with small yakitori bars. Omoide Yokochō is sometimes called gokiburi yokochō (cockroach alley) or shomben yokochō (piss alley). As well as the traditional grilled Yakitori (chicken skewers) there is also a selection of Japanese cuisine available at the over 60 restaurants within the 4 lanes which criss cross each other to make up Omoide Yokocho.  Check out our Video Gallery for Omoide Yokocho.

Omoide Yokocho Memory Lane Shinkuku

There are over 60 small restaurants/ bars and most serve yakitori either using gas burners or the traditional coal burner grills. Most of the restaurants do not have English menus and most of the owners do not speak Japanese though it's easy to point out what you are wanting to order. During the year and especially at winter time you will find the restaurants serving oden, which is a soup like broth which is used to cook a variety of vegetables and fish. This is easy to choose what you want as the food is simmering away and you point to what you want and this is topped up with the soup.

Omoide Yokocho Shinkuku Tokyo

Omoide Yokocho started just after WWII in the late 1940s, early 1950s. In the 1990s there was a fire which almost demolished this whole area though the community rebuilt the area. It is quite common to see scores of Japanese business men enjoying a meal and some beers here together after work.

Omoide Yokocho yakitori bars Shinjuku

Memory Lane yakitori bars Shinjuku

How to get to Omoide Yokocho

Omodie Yokocho is located right next to the train tracks on the western side of Shinjuku Train Station. If you are on the eastern side at the large square out to of the front of the Lumine Est Department Store you can walk under the pedestrian underpass under the railway lines and this opens up right at the entrance of Omoide Yokocho.

Check out the Google Map which has the green arrow indicating the location.

Omoide Yokocho Memory Lane Shinkuku Tokyo

Last updated 24th June 2013







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